For the mining and manufacturing industries

  • Wide selection of models
  • Fast delivery
  • Free customisation
  • Technical support


Screening panels for all major applications

Tumblers & Tanks

Polyurethane anti-corrosion coatings for tanks and tumblers

Wheels & Rollers

Wheels, rollers and special processing techniques

Other Prducts

Various technical products

Over 600 hole patterns available

We keep a stock of moulds for over 600 different hole patterns that are available on demand.

We can also quickly prepare new moulds to customer specifications.

We can provide customers with made-to-measure accessories from drawings.

Hole moulds

Over 600 hole sizes and patterns available on demand

CNC processes

We build new moulds using CNC technology

Free customisation

We create new moulds free of charge


Our experience and ability to solve problems come together to bring your designs to life. The technical department is available to devise innovative solutions, accessories and finishes for all industries and sectors.
Using advanced software and technologies, we customise your requests to ensure maximum quality and durability.

We’re by your side to meet every challenge


Our optimised production cycle means we can quickly meet customers’ needs, delivering within about 3 weeks from the order date.

By your side, acting quickly