Patented Modular PU Panel

MF series is a selection of exclusive modular PU panels patented by QUADRIFOGLIO.

For more than thirty years our company has been manufacturing PU screen panels providing our customers a wide array of industrial solutions.

MF-BA-PL panels are modular PU screens equipped with a protective side guard. Thanks to their modular shape, our MF-BA-PL panels avoid any plant maintenance issue.

MF-BA-PL are available in various formats and can be assembled either aligned or staggered to improve screening efficiency.

Main features:

  • wear-resistant polyurethane
  • cut and compression-resistant
  • reinforced with a rigid steel frame
  • interlocking attachment system
  • used on rotating and vibrating screens
  • easy to replace
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • our exclusive patent
  • features a flat screening surface
  • side guard


These are just SOME of the hole patterns we have available. We can create any pattern needed. Contact us for more details.

The availability of the meshes depends from the thickness of the panel


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