QUADRI MF is a series of  polyurethane screens patented by Quadrifoglio s.r.l.. Their unique modular design is the result of over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing polyurethane screening media. MF panels can fit each kind of screener’s dimension preventing plant maintenance issues.

MF-BA-SR panels create a ladder-shape flat screening surface when assembled. This type of screen can be assembled at 90 degrees in order to slowly affect the aggregate’s cascade.

MF-BA-SR panels can be assembled either aligned or not-aligned to improve screening efficiency.

  • our exclusive patent
  • with rigid iron frame
  • interlocking modular anchoring system
  • for rotatory and vibratory screeners
  • ladder-shape assembled surface for rolling/slowing aggregates
  • easy to replace
  • anti-clogging holes


These are just SOME of the hole patterns we have available. We can create any pattern needed. Contact us for more details.

The availability of the meshes depends from the thickness of the panel


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