Modular PU multi-spike Star-Panel for Star screens

STAR SCREEN PU panels are used for the screening of organic materials. They feature polyurethane stars on a high-speed rotating axis.

They are more versatile than traditional screening systems, since they can screen a variety of materials, including stones, earth, cables, scrap iron, recycling materials and street refuse. This type of screening machine may be used at different levels of humidity and for washing materials that have been perfectly sorted. The gaps in the stars allow smaller pieces to fall into the screening machine. Larger pieces, which remain on top of the stars, reach the end of the machine and are washed thoroughly thanks to the repeated movements of the star spikes.

Available in various dimensions and shapes

Main features:

  • wear-resistant polyurethane
  • cut and compression-resistant
  • interlocking attachment system
  • used on star screens
  • easy to replace
  • reduced maintenance costs


These are just SOME of the hole patterns we have available. We can create any pattern needed. Contact us for more details.

The availability of the meshes depends from the thickness of the panel


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